My Makeup Bag Baby started with my curiosity: What IS in your makeup bag? What do you need to make you happy and feel good each day? If you are a professional using makeup, what are your secrets? I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

I’ve created this blog and related social media to both inquire of regular folks and celebrities, “What’s in your makeup bag?” and with the usual reviews and how-tos, show how you can add the perfect items to make it all work with the items you have, and those you’d like to have or would like to know more about.

I love the creativity of makeup and fashion, the true artistry of makeup and hair professionals, special effects makeup, cosmetic scientists; every bit of it. Judging by the popularity of makeup blogging and videos, I’m not alone in my addiction to the inner- workings and the creativity of those in the beauty industry.

I love to know how it’s done – whether it’s a look by Lisa Eldridge, a sketch for a dress by Chanel, a Charles James gown ripped apart or commentary about their work by a favorite author. A few years ago at Comi-con in San Diego I listened to a famous writer, Neil Gaiman, talk about writing. The room was reverentially quiet; the crowd of several thousand fans listened, rapt, as Mr. Gaiman told us his secrets. He told us that when he’s working, he postpones cleaning his bathtub, or organizing his spice rack (his examples). He sits. He does not allow himself to do anything else. He sits, or he sits and writes. He was glad that other people liked what he’d done, but he’d done it for himself.

I only agreed with him to a point – some of my most creative moments happen when I take a break and eat chocolate, or clean the cat’s litter pan, or take a walk.

After we listened to Neil, shaking, nervous fans queued at the microphone, anxious for their moment with him. He asked each one: “And what do you do in Debuque?” or wherever – and each sheepishly said, “I want to be a writer.” They didn’t – couldn’t say, “I am a writer.” But Neil asked them all, ”So you are a writer?” and sure enough, the folks who followed in line all began, “I want to be…,” stopped themselves, and then said, “I am a writer. And a Nurse…” or whatever.

Mr. Gaiman had pointed out to them that if you do, you are; whatever it is that you do, and wherever you do it. Once it was pointed out, those Comi-con fans were eager to claim their own creativity.

That’s what I love about the makeup and fashion – the easy creativity. Each day is a fresh page or canvas to do with whatever you’d like — and that page/canvas is YOU!

As you take out your makeup, carefully choose your clothing, browse for hours online about the next longed-for etsy or ebay purchase or the magic brush technique learned in a makeup counter consultation that will make your cheekbones look perfect, you practice your passion, your art, and what you are. If other people like it, there’s a bonus.

So what’s in your bag of tools: your makeup bag? What dream are you getting ready for today, Baby?