Brush bargain! How-to from Real Techniques and Pixiwoo!

Brush bargain! How-to from Real Techniques and Pixiwoo!

I’m a real fan of Real Technique’s brushes — Real Techniques is the brush line from Sam and Nic, the Pixiwoo sisters.

The newest brush I’m excited about is their sculpting brush. It’s soft and angled to help create contours, and can be used with powders or creams. I’d use it for contouring, for blush, for bronzer. Real Techniques brushes do the job alongside my Chanel, Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, MAC, Tom Ford, and other more expensive brushes. They can’t replace a more expensive and luxurious brush when blending and finishing or for longevity, but they hold their own,

and the prices — this brush is $10! — are fab!

All of their brushes reasonably priced so it’s easy to put a set together if you’re a new Makeup Baby, or easy to add dupes to your kit if you are already a Makeup Bag Baby! Check out Sam and Nic’s Real techniques’ page, and Nic’s how-to video at the bottom of the page to learn how to use the brush, too!

Wash you brushes after each use, dry them flat on a clean washcloth, store them well and you’ll have them for a very long time.

Stay clean, Baby!


Video and photo courtesy of Pixiwoo.