Essentials for Father’s Day Gifts! The Good stuff and where to find it.

Essentials for Father’s Day Gifts! The Good stuff and where to find it.

What does a dad need? The same things any man needs. At least for good skincare.

I’ve raided my husband’s medicine cabinet (he doesn’t have a makeup bag, sorry!) to show you the items that he can’t live without, even if he’d look and smell perfect with just soap and water. Call it gilding the lily. Some of these products are things my husband’s chosen for himself, and some made their way to him through thoughtful gifts (from me).

Look this list over and see what sounds good to you for your Dad or another man you love.

There’s still time to shop for Dad and really give him something that he needs!

A good shaving cream: Philosophy Common Man ($12) is my husband’s favorite shaving cream. It provides great glide for a close, but not too-close, unscented shave. Some silicone-based creams and gels allow a shave that is almost too-close for his taste. Philosophy says that there is a slight numbing sensation that my husband loves “it makes me feel cool and fresh,” he says. Philosophy pulled this product off of the market a few years ago and I bought enough for several years worth of shaves. No worries, though. Philosophy heeded the complaints and brought the product back right away! For $12, this makes a great small gift or stocking-stuffer at Christmas.

A good after shave lotion/balm: Dermalogia Post Shave Balm ($27) provides just the soothing, smoothing and moisturizing that your man needs after a close shave; it closes the pores and my husband has much less razor burn and ingrown hair since he’s started using this product; he’s been using it for nearly 10 years. My husband uses this whenever he shaves at night, or under his sunscreen when his skin feels like it needs more moisture, or if he has to shave more than once in a day — then it is a must. Post Shave Balm does not have an SPF, though, so you’ll have to add one (see below).

A good moisturizer: Oil, oil, everywhere, and the Fresh Seaberry oil is the best one my husband has found. He takes 2-3 drops in his palms, rubs them together and pats it all over his just-cleaned face, under sunscreen. Use it for 3 weeks and you’ll never stop. Seaberry is also called Sea Buckthorn, and is apparently packed with omega 3-6-7-9 oils to plump up your skin and help trap moisture in your skin. It really works. And no, oil will not make you break out. More on that in another post. Fresh makes a tiny-sized 0.5 oz ($18.50) and a 1.7 oz ($50) available at Sephora.

A good sunscreen: It’s a tie between an old favorite, Olay’s complete SPF 15 Sensitive formula ($8.99), and Murad Essential-C Day Moisture SPF 30 +++ ($60). Olay has been in our medicine cabinet for at least 10 years, and I always recommend it for sensitive skin or teens as it is one of the few sunscreens that in my experience, never causes breakouts, can be found in any drug or grocery store, and has a great price. I’ve heard that Nicole Kidman has used it! Olay Complete provides good moisture and is oil-free. The Murad Vitamin C products are all superb, and this sunscreen packs vitamin C to help protect and heal previous sun exposure and moisture without stickiness, giving his skin a nice glow and just enough hydration. My husband takes a pomegranate supplement (cost varies), as well, to help protect him from his playtime in the California sunshine. No word on the sunscreen that Chris Hemsworth wears; I’ll keep you posted.

A good lip balm: Natural products are a must on the mouth (remember, you are eating the balms you put on your lips). Mayron’s Goods Chapstuff  ($15) is a thick, orange-scented buttery cream that melts into your skin. It’s just the stuff for lips, elbows, feet, or any dry areas — all natural and safe enough to eat straight from the container if you wanted to. The whole Mayron’s Goods line is a family endeavor started by actress Melanie Mayron and her father, a chemist. Their baby products are amazing. They do make a Lipstuff product, but this wider container and big portion of Stuff is what my man likes. My husband never goes skiing without his Chapstuff.

A good massage or multipurpose oil: Weleda and Fresh oils, along with the promise of a massage of his back and neck, his feet or his hands to start, and your Father’s day shopping is done. The tiny Weleda oil tubes (this one is from the Weleda body oil starter kit ($15.99), an amazing value and a beautifully packaged set) are convenient — but they are glass. I’ve never had a Weleda container break when dropped, just a heads-up. My husband likes the Arnica and Lavender for his gym bag, and Weleda makes large bottles too. You can usually find Weleda in any Whole Foods for last minute gifts and the colorful package design is impressive and not crunchy-granola or girly. Fresh products all have heady but subtle fragrances, natural ingredients and luxurious packaging. My husband has never met a Fresh product he hasn’t loved, and the Fresh Sugar body oil ($45) and Fresh Life body oil ($48) are his faves, along with the Fresh Dry Rice oil. After you’ve massaged your man, he can use the oils for moisturizing on damp skin, just lightly pat dry with a towel – and make sure to wipe up spills on the bathroom floor or shower! This stuff is slippery! – and ruffled through his hair for instant gloss. He’ll smell luscious but not perfume-y.

And a good fragrance to top it all off: Fresh Life Eau de Parfum ($88) is a unisex, light, slightly crisp and clean fragrance that you’ll steal from your man’s stash. If he doesn’t want to smell like bare skin, he’ll want to smell like this.

Fresh Sugar Ultra Nourishing Body Oil and Fresh Life Body Oil

Fresh Sugar Ultra Nourishing Body Oil and Fresh Life Body Oil

Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil

Fresh Life Eau de Parfum

Mens Vit C

Murad Essential-C Day Moisture Broad Spectrum SPF 30 PA +++

Dermalogica Post Shave Balm

Common Man Shaving Cream