Makeup Hauls: Vlogger vice or Makeup delight?

Makeup Hauls: Vlogger vice or Makeup delight?

What's In YOUR Bag?

What’s in YOUR bag?

Haul vs careful choice – discuss.

The Urban Dictionary says:


in short: a shopping spree

A vlog titled “Makeup Haul” or “(Store Name) Haul” is a video showing a shopping spree in that given area, showing products or clothing that will usually be featured in future How To, or tutorial videos.

Haul, haul, haul: baskets and bags and boxes bulging with beauty. This is the appeal of hauls, right? Vicarious shopping pleasure! Bounty has its place, but how many beauty lovers can afford to collect hauls on a regular basis, even with the generous return policies of some of the best online retailers, like Sephora and Nordstrom?

Whatcha got in those bags?

Whatcha got in those bags?

Makeup Haul

Makeup Haul.

Hauls are wonderfully fun; sometimes thrilling, but for most of us, and for real lasting love and luck in choosing products, consider the singular approach. Careful research through an examination of reviews from places like this blog, My Makeup Bag Baby or, allows you to view swatches, read research and find the best prices or special services (such as returns or shipping outside of the US), then thinking it over and sometimes… waiting. Waiting in anticipation for that special, expensive lipstick or whatever other pretty that your heart desires — That’s an exciting way to shop, too.

I do hope that I can help you in your quest for the perfect addition to your Makeup Bag, Baby, even if you can’t order a complete new collection or everything else you really, really, want all at once, in a makeup haul. But you can find the perfect item in that collection, the perfect one for you. And because it is perfect for you and you’ll use more than once instead of throwing it in a drawer with all of the other things that, for whatever reason, were less than perfect for you.

Feeling joyful as you watch another makeup haul online and a beauty lover’s joy in hauling their haul home is great! Just don’t feel like you’re missing out because you aren’t the one hauling it home. There’s still plenty of hallowed vlogging Hauls to explore!

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(Man’s photo courtesy of Lyle Reimer, thank you!)