PENNY DREADFUL's Somnolent vampire woman

PENNY DREADFUL’s Somnolent vampire woman

For a special Halloween treat, here’s a fabulous PENNY DREADFUL Vampire How-to!

I’ve asked two masters of scary, yet beautiful makeup, pro makeup artists Katia Sisto and Enzo Mastrantonio, lately of GOMMORAH and PENNY DREADFUL, for their makeup secrets: how did they achieve such scary, yet still human, results with PENNY DREADFUL’s “Somnolent Women” – the still sleepwalking vampires of last year’s PENNY DREADFUL? Here are Katia’s instructions for how she created a flawless vampire look:This is a great way to create a corpse bride or a vampire! Wig not included — they used a gorgeous lace-front wig. The look has great false nails, and contact lenses, too!

 If you try this look, PLEASE send me pics and I will post them all!


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  • First trace all the veins on the face using an alcohol color palette, one that is activated with alcohol, like the one made by Skin Illustrator. Skin Illustrator makes a good light FLESH TONE PALETTE that includes 2 colors, a green and a turquoise, an olive skin tone adjuster and a vein tone that you can mix together to get the real veiny color. They also make a darker Fleshtone palette for darker skins. I used white toned makeup for this model.
  • Once you are apply a good quantity of veins you can start to put your make up base on. I’ve used a pink egg shape sponge to apply Maquillage Professional white base. Cover all the surfaces of the face excluding the eye. Don’t forget your ears and neck!
  • After I’ve applied a good compact white base with some veins showing through by lightly patting the white/light skin base on top of the veins,
  • I start the eyes, drawing with a black thick pencil or a fat eyeliner on top and under the eye, blending very well under the eye
  • Then I applied a Black, gray and rusty brown shadow. I used a Screen Face Natural palette, but you can use something like MAC CARBON plus PRINT then BROWN SCRIPT for the rusty brown shadows.
  • Starting with the darker one at the eyelash base, go upwards to the eyebrow, making sure that you leave a white space under the eyebrow.
  • Apply lots of black mascara and dark red/burgundy pencil inside the eyes.
  • The lips have to have a purple and a grey lipstick, I’ve used a couple of shade from the grease mixed color palette of Le Maquillage, but any grease brand (Kryolan or Ben Nye)of grease makeup will work.
  • The great thing about Le Maquillage professionelle white base is that you didn’t need to fix it with powder, the white base is a fantastic coverage foundation that doesn’t need powder to be fixed!
  •  Add Vampire teeth and you’re done!
  • Don’t forget the blood if you want it dribbling out of the corners of mouth!

You’re done! The women on the show wore Victorian dresses that had high necks and were long, dark and prim. Any old-fashioned clothes would be good, a bride’s dress or an old ruffley nightgown would be good: an old suit for men. Most Vampires are OOOOOOOLD, right?

For those would-be Vampires or Somnolents who don’t have access to a beauty supply-store, you can approximate this look with drugstore items, too.

The Somnolent Woman from your local drugstore – you’ll need:

  1. Some fine-tipped brushes, or pointy-ended q tips. You need a firm-surfaced, fine applicator to blend eyes and paint on veins. Pointed q tips will work.
  2. Katia used Blue and Green Alcohol-activated cream makeup, but you can use blue, green (mixed) or just blue cream makeup or light – med-dark blue eye pencil. Frost is OK, you won’t really see the frost. A blue pencil can be had for 99 cents at the drugstore, like Prestige or something.
  3. White alcohol-based makeup, white cream foundation, cream makeup or the lightest cream foundation you can find for complexions that are light, like the model’s. Liquid foundation will probably not be enough coverage. For people with darker skin, go for the lightest shade you can that still looks like your skin tone without any blood in it. White would probably be too light but might work if you continue on all exposed skin.
  4. Burgundy or red lip pencil or eye pencil (not a must-have – do not use if you have sensitive eyes), again, red/burgundy eye pencil can be very cheap at drugstore.
  5. Black eye pencil
  6. Black Mascara
  7. Black, dark gray and a warm brown (or rust) eye shadow. You can use a dark, warm orangey dark blush , or warm bronzer without shimmer for the brown color. If you use blush or bronzer, you may need a neutral brown powder shadow, too.
  8. Dark lipstick, purple tone is best, almost black-purple is fine and GRAY cream makeup. Black + white makes gray if you have a cream palette or cream makeups. Mix the gray before you put on top of purple, not on your lips.
  9. Normal brow makeup if you use it, otherwise nothing for the brows
a Somnolent woman from PENNY DREADFUL. How can scary be so beautiful? (courtesy Enzo Mastrantonio)

A Somnolent woman from PENNY DREADFUL. How can scary be so beautiful? (courtesy Enzo Mastrantonio)



NOTE FOR DRUGSTORE MAKEP USERS: If you are using a white liquid foundation, or a white cream foundation, you may need to apply the veins ON TOP of the base. Try it out on your hand first to see if the veins smear when covered with white base, or if you have to reverse the order and put the base on first, veins last. It won’t look as natural but it will still look great.

Please send in your attempts to try this out! Thank you Katia Sisto and Enzo Mastrantonio!